Week 12, Day 2

Day 2 of the week and Im still alive… Going good.

Woke up slowly but surely. Went to the gym and had an awesome workout! I walked/ran for 30 minutes then did some squats and arm workouts then went back to the treadmill for another 25 minutes. I wrote everything on the mirror with a whiteboard marker before I started so I had a goal in mind and something to achieve. I did just that and over the top. It felt good to work for more than an hour. I went back and got ready for the day. I thought I hasd to be somewhere at 11 but it turns out I was forgotten about. So when I arrived, the job was already done and I had hurried in the slushy snow to get there and I hadnt taken the time to go back and put boots on. my feet and pants were all frozen and wet 😦 and I had gone to school early for no reason. I hung around in the Crossroads with Mitchell while he ate his soup. After he was done we sat in the Skybridge and just talked. He walked me to class in the Taylor. He always runs into friends or mission buddies when we are in the Taylor. I went to class and it was sooo boring. I honestly fell asleep this time. I was awakened mid way when the teacher rolled up the projector screen. For some reason, in my cloudy and muddle half-asleep brain, I thought that the loud noise of the screen rolling up and hitting the bar was an Officer walking in and the teacher saying something loud for all of us to stand in respect for the officer… Good thing I didn’t stand up or anything haha it was just the screen but it took me back to my JROTC days in high school. I fell back asleep for the rest of class. Usually I don’t fall asleep for class so I was kind of embarrassed.  I walked back home as fast as I could. I picked up my laundry from the laundry room and went inside. I changed real quick, got a slice of bread and an apple and got in the car. I picked up my friend Ana, got gas at Maverick and headed to Idaho Falls. Ana told me more about her guy stuff and school stuff and roomie problems while I drove. I finally got to my destination in IF. I arrived but couldn’t find the specific office for Mountain West Dermatology. I circled around the same parking lot for 5 minutes and ended up finding it right where I had entered the lot. I went in and the cheery aesthetician took my info and I went to the back room with her. I told her about all my past face issues and how my skin is so stubborn. I needed a face clean up and she got to work! It was painful but she got most of my problem areas and all of the major zits. I looked like a pink dotty blob afterward, but she did a good job for only 40$! It was amazing. I went to Target, Grand Teton Mall, and Bed Bath and Beyond with Ana. She was looking for Space bags so she could move before Spring semester. We finally found her bags and I sped home. After I got home, Mitchell and I went to Pizza Pie with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was pretty fun but I was already stuffed from a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a hot dog from Target. All i wanted to do was eat all the dessert pizza!!! That’s the only good reason to enter that establishment… Afterward, I went home and finished a homework thing, took Mitchell home and then went to bed. That was my eventful day 🙂


Week 10, Day 7

Slow start to Sunday but it was great day in church. I went to the wrong Relief Society but then texted my roomie to clarify. I don’t like going to the other one, I get a weird vibe and everyone thinks I’m new! Nope, just in the wrong class…  Class was great and we talked about the Christ and how He is unchanging in His divine nature and His purpose here on Earth. It was a great lesson and I felt really moved by it. Went to Sunday school and that was a great reminder that I need to be better at no judging people unrighteously. I have a habit of automatically thinking the worst of people or judging hem when they are annoying or are different than me in the way that they have a bigger louder personality than myself. I cant stand people who need lots of attention and this was a reminder that I need to have better thoughts and keep my mouth shut. Sacrament was alright and then I went home and put away my clothes that have been piled on the floor for a few days now. I hate folding clothes. It just doesn’t get done. But this time it did and I rewarded myself with a little nappy nap and watching the Croods on Netflix. Then Mitchell came over and we had dinner and then went to ward prayer and enjoyed some desserts. We watched Maleficent, my first time, and I love it! I would totally buy it, I love Sleeping Beauty so this was great. Now I’m just typing it up and catching up on my journal entries 🙂

Week 10, Day 1

Monday, got nothing going on! I scheduled an appointment to talk with my bishop tomorrow about starting my mission papers so that’s cool. Really, not much happened today. I went to class and in Visual Media we talked about CSS in website programming. That’s was something new I learned and I think its cool I can add that to my little list of skills. Its very rudimentary knowledge but more than most people know.  My apartment complex was supposed to have an “appreciation” night at Fat Cats, so Mitchell and I went to go check it out about half an hour after it started. We mainly went for the free pizza BUT THERE WAS NONE. So that was a bust! Everyone was at the apartment watching the dumb Bachelor. It was a party for the three hour finale, so Mitch and I mooched off their treats and pizza. Who cares about the Bachelor, I got cookies!

Week 2 Day 1

Communication thought for the day. I talked to my parents yesterday for the first time in a week and a half. Now you may be thinking that isn’t a long time for someone who lives on their own but I usually talk to my mom at least once every two days. Sometimes more than twice in the same day as I walk between classes and such. It was good to talk to them, they weren’t available since they had gone on a cruise to Mexico. They loved it! It was cool that they could get away for awhile, just them two since our family trips always require a lot of preparation and we always get dirty with dirt bikes or camping. This was a care free trip where they didn’t have to worry about kids or work. I talked with them briefly but it was good to hear they were safe and back home picking up my sister. I was being the mean child after asking them right off the bat how much weight they gained while on vacation because the food was never ending. They didn’t like that too much but moved on and told me about some of the general things they did. I wanted to be there in Mexico because Idaho is not very kind in the winter! I love Mexico, it’s one of my favorite places so you could say I was envious. It was good to communicate with my family after an unusually long period of time but I’m still here freezing my ears and fingers off as I walk to and from class! Happy trekking friends

Journal 7

Today has been an odd day for communication! I invited a friend over after church. Plainly said “Do you want to come over once you change out of your church clothes” He then proceeded to reply with a very male response. “Like for dinner?” -Sure I GUESS i can make you dinner if you invite yourself on over! It was odd but I got to work and made some delicious alfredo. He texts me back later and says sorry can’t come. *What! Who denies food made by a beautiful girl?!* I proceed to give him a piece of my mind with the input of my roommates help. I tell him to get over to my apartment because I made alfredo fettuccine and that it was rude of him to bail on dinner for a movie party. I was embarrassed to realize I had made a food my friend is allergic to along with the fact that he thought it was a joke about the food, that there actually wasn’t any food. All this jumbled communication just brought a real downer on my Sunday afternoon! He came over to say hi anyway and now I have a bunch of awesome leftovers. Communication is important and cant always be done correctly or effectively over text! No matter how well you think you know the person… All is well though and we’re both good 🙂