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Week 9, Day 5

Yay Friday! Got lots done today. I went to the gym and did my laundry at the same time. I went back to the apartment and got ready for the day. I got dressed up, second day in a row wearing nice professional/church dress. I made myself a sandwich and was on my way to go have lunch with Mitchell! Lunch was fun, then went to class. Interpersonal was good as always. I suggested a video to my teacher about time. It’s pretty cool by the RSA, called The Secret Powers of Time and its about how we use time differently in different geographic locations and why. I went to the Crossroads to eat my sandwich and there was annoying people trying to show off their breakdancing skills and all I heard was dumb loud music. So, I went to the library to start studying for my Interpersonal test. Got some good study time in and went to class. After my writing class, I went to take the test and got a 96 on the bubble part. Cool. Afterward I went to a ward bbq with Mitchell and I found out after the test that I was locked out of my apartment! Not cool, roomies! 3 of them went out of town for the weekend and one was at work and the other I have no idea when she gets home and I don’t have her number. I was really flustered about this development since its cold and I’m in a thin dress and there was NO WARNING OF LOCKING THE DOOR. Gah, its annoying. So now I’m chilling with Mitchell at his apartment having a homework party! I talk a lot about homework…#College life! I bought a tall floor lamp also, for $15 from someone in town and I’m so excited to have the nice ambient light in my room. I’ll have to move some things around but that’s okay. Overall, its been a productive day!


Week 9, Day 4

Thursday. Today feels like it should be Friday! But its not…uno mas dia. Today I went to lunch with Mitchell, went to Book of Mormon class and then stayed and did homework. While I was in the library, Mitchell saw me when he was going to another class and snuck up on me, so that was nice to see him. I finished a test online and barely got an 89! I wanted an A so bad but missed it, kinda bummed. I went home after the test and didn’t have anything to do since I got it all done before! I went to sleep early at 8:30 watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The end. Fo realzz.

Week 5, Day 1

Monday. Terrible day. Probably worst one of my college experience so far. I woke up and knew I had lots to do and I told myself it would be a good, productive day. It was productive but also included an almost-meltdown and an actual one. I had a test in my Computer Science class and I thought I’d just breeze through it. I was almost done but the program wouldn’t compile because I had one missing element and I was so frustrated and concerned with getting a good grade to make up for my bad homework grades previously, that I almost cried in the computer lab during the test. I got most of the program finished and went to my next class then home before I went to more computer tutoring. I was not in the mood to be involved in my classes that day and when I got home I just let it all out and cried while on the phone with my mom. I am grateful for the option I have to be able to call my mom whenever. I’m even more grateful that she is so loving and understanding to help me cope with whatever I may be complaining to her about. I wasn’t exactly complaining but I was so afraid of failure that I was just freaked out. I’m glad I could communicate with my mom and express my concerns and fears so that she could console me and help me get through my terrible day. Afterwards I went to do laundry and felt better. My day got better when my friend offered to go make a snowman. We had fun rolling the snow around and searching for rocks and twigs to make the snowman’s face and hands. It was good to get my mind off of the project and the test from earlier and just have fun. I then went back home and had another friend graciously accept to help me with my computer project at 11:30 at night which we finished. it was a huge weight off my shoulders! I am so blessed to have friends that are willing to help me and also to have family that care so much for me. I was truly blessed to have a bad day turned around by the good people who surround me πŸ™‚