Week 9, Day 5

Yay Friday! Got lots done today. I went to the gym and did my laundry at the same time. I went back to the apartment and got ready for the day. I got dressed up, second day in a row wearing nice professional/church dress. I made myself a sandwich and was on my way to… Continue reading Week 9, Day 5


Week 9, Day 4

Thursday. Today feels like it should be Friday! But its not...uno mas dia. Today I went to lunch with Mitchell, went to Book of Mormon class and then stayed and did homework. While I was in the library, Mitchell saw me when he was going to another class and snuck up on me, so that… Continue reading Week 9, Day 4

Week 5, Day 1

Monday. Terrible day. Probably worst one of my college experience so far. I woke up and knew I had lots to do and I told myself it would be a good, productive day. It was productive but also included an almost-meltdown and an actual one. I had a test in my Computer Science class and… Continue reading Week 5, Day 1