Week 9, Day 2

It was soo hard to get out of bed today! I don't know what it is but I am conscious but not functioning and cannot wake up and roll out. That was my struggle today. It went a lot like yesterday. Got some homework done and folded my laundry. Had breakfast and took a shower… Continue reading Week 9, Day 2


Week 8, Day 6

Slow Saturday today, but it was good. I finished up my Visual Media project and that went well. Dint have as many problems with slow saving or anything this time so that was good. After the project was posted and printed, I talked to my mom. We just talked about funny stuff I've been doing… Continue reading Week 8, Day 6

Week 7, Day 1

Presidents Day. Didn't get all that I wanted done, but I still had a fun Monday off. I started the day with a run. It was terrible! I jogged down the hill a ways, and that was fun. It was a windy day and I had not drank any water before the little run and… Continue reading Week 7, Day 1