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Week 9, Day 2

It was soo hard to get out of bed today! I don’t know what it is but I am conscious but not functioning and cannot wake up and roll out. That was my struggle today. It went a lot like yesterday. Got some homework done and folded my laundry. Had breakfast and took a shower then got ready for the day. It snowed about 3-4 inches last night unexpectedly so that really changed my outfit options. When I finally figured out my outfit, I made a sandwich and headed down for lunch with Mitch. We had lunch and goofed around, and then I went to Book of Mormon class. While listening absently to my weird teacher, I worked on my crochet project. I am making a circular rug. It goes black, pink, grey/white combo, green and later I’ll finish it with grey again. Working on the green right now. I mad progress in class but didn’t want the teacher to call on me while I was working on it. I put the crochet down for a little bit but then I started falling asleep so I picked it back up again. After class was devo with Mitch and half listened to Bro. Winkel. Worked on the crochet a little there too. I had another appointment at the Academic Discovery Center again today so I went to that after devo. This time I only needed to add a few electives and she approved it on the spot! Hallelujah! But I didn’t have my card to sign off for Comm 100 so I’ll do that tomorrow. I trekked on home and suddenly got caught up in a Mary Kay facial party with my roomies. The girl who came over for it was so cute and so sincere. She didn’t shove it down our throats too much and she was just nice and bubbly/ I may buy a few things form her but not this week… I made a little dinner snack thing for Mitchell, he stopped by for a quick food break before he had to go finish some other things. Didn’t see him for too long but that’s okay πŸ™‚ I talked to my mom on the phone as I started my HTML activity for Visual Media. i thought I was done with coding but here I am learning yet another language of coding! It wasn’t too bad and went quick so that was good. Now here I am, sitting on my bed, listening to Classic Rock Love Songs on Pandora, blogging about my day for those who care to know! Anyway, I am blessed to have it easy this semester and I am blessed to have wonderful family, friends, and an awesome boyfriend πŸ™‚


Week 8, Day 6

Slow Saturday today, but it was good. I finished up my Visual Media project and that went well. Dint have as many problems with slow saving or anything this time so that was good. After the project was posted and printed, I talked to my mom. We just talked about funny stuff I’ve been doing with my roommates and some other things. I like talking to my mom on the phone but sometimes I don’t totally know what to say, so I should work on that more..talking about her more. Because college kid life really isn’t too special! After that I went for a drive. I had been antsy toward the end of finishing my project and I wanted to explore and find a cool place nearby. I drove straight out of Rexburg past Sugar City, into Egin. I found a gravel road that goes for miles and is near the dunes. If only I had four wheel drive! I would mob out all the trails offshoots from the gravel road! It was tempting but my truck isn’t that meaty. I also had no service, no one knew where I was, and at the time I didn’t really even know where I was so that would have been a bad idea! Its amazing how dependant we are on our phones. I would have called someone to pick me up if I got stuck, I almost needed GPS to get out of there. Without service and communication, there was a possibility I would have been toast! I had to get back because it was date night with Mitchell and he already had tickets to McFarland. When we went and saw it, it was SO cute! I loved the movie. It was a great family movie and was just over all feel-good and nothing was inappropriate, which I really appreciate. It was a beautiful movie. We had snuck Taco Bell in also, so that was rebellious of us πŸ™‚ Overall, had a nice relaxing slow Saturday and I enjoyed the evening with my cutie πŸ™‚

Week 7, Day 1

Presidents Day. Didn’t get all that I wanted done, but I still had a fun Monday off. I started the day with a run. It was terrible! I jogged down the hill a ways, and that was fun. It was a windy day and I had not drank any water before the little run and that’s what killed me. As I ran across the street to the other sidewalk, I got a nice throatful of nasty spit. I knew it was going to be a long run back up the steep hill! I jogged every two light posts and walked one. It was difficult getting back up the hill, but I did it. Its been awhile since I’ve voluntarily gone running so I need to keep going! After almost suffocating while running, I took a shower and sat down to do some homework. Made my Walmart run, then came back and took a nap. I woke up from my nap with a missed call from Mitchell! We were supposed to got to his wards bonfire soon at Beaverdick, so I got my stuff together and we had fun at the “bonfire”. It was funny going to the fire because beforehand, everyone was calling each other and messaging and missing calls and it was crazy trying to figure out who had a lighter and who was bringing spoons and plates and who was arriving at what time. Sometimes technology is a blessing, and sometimes it just ties all communication in knots! After the bonfire, we picked up my cousin and made a run to Walmart and Broulims for 50% off V-day candy. There was NONE in either store! So we bought Easter candy and we were happy. The end to my Monday!

Week 4, Day 2

Great day for communication today! I coordinated lunch with a friend before my classes which was a nice unexpected perk for Tuesday. Next, I attended the weekly devotional featuring Elder Nelson. He had a great talk for the students and he wrapped up really quick. The reason he did so was because he announced the new President of BYU-Idaho to come April! This was not expected! We’re glad to have Brother Clark Gilbert take the reins in the coming spring semester. Overall, I experienced many effective instances of communication today.