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Week 3, Day 7

Great day of communication. Went to church and only fell asleep a little. Got some great messages that are helping me to be better. I have come to love sacrament meeting a lot more than before. When I actually out thought into it, it becomes so much more meaningful and I have a spiritual experience. Today was one of those days. I also said many long needed prayers. I have also come to love praying for others. I want to help others and I always pray that my friends and family will be blessed in ways that they need and that they can find peace in their busy lives. I feel like it opens my heart up to those individuals and it also makes me be a better friend and listener for them in the future. When I am listening for certain things that are bugging them or that they are excited about, it helps me remember what I should say in my prayers for them. It helps me remember the little things in general, that they may not have thought I had caught. I know God hears me and this process improves my communication both with my Heavenly Father and with those close to me. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on communication, whether it applies to family, strangers, boys, friends, or to God, it’s always important to be open to communicate and to express what you have to say . I love keeping in contact with my God through prayer and seeing the relationship grow. I hope you can find the same thing too πŸ™‚


Week 3, Day 3

There are different kinds of communication. Interpersonal communication is between two people. Interpersonal is when you communicate with in yourself, in your mind. I have been having this looming feeling in the background of my thoughts and I don’t like it. It goes like this “I don’t like where I am headed personally”. I’ve had this recurring thought process. I don’t like some of the habits I’ve developed and I don’t like that it is hard for me to set goals that I never reach. I guess this comes from the New Years resolutions everyone else has made and how I too made the average list but I can’t bring myself to follow through. I feel like I can improve but I don’t know what steps to take, or I am fearful that I’m going to fail, so why try? These are the thoughts running through my head and unfortunately I haven’t come upon a solution yet. At least I have noticed that I have the desire to change and be better. Hopefully it will lead me to make those necessary changes soon. Thanks for reading about my intrapersonal conflict of the week πŸ™‚