Best Packing List For College!

Going off to school soon? Check out this list of things you must take with you!


Going off to college is a huge, exciting change! There is so much happening, sometimes you dont even know where to start! I know I definitely overpacked when I left for school and my poor parents had to help me move all of it around! Here, i want to share with you what is essential for you to bring to college and some insights that will help make packing a whole lot easier! We will talk about whats good to pack by area, like bedroom, closet, kitchen, desk, bathroom, backpack, and car. Lets go!

Lets start with items for your bedroom…


Bedding for a Twin or Twin XL bed. Check with your housing/apartment complex to see which they provide. Twin XL and Twin beds are very different, one sheet will not fit the other! Twin XL’s are a bit longer but thats about it. Consider the average weather while you will be there. If its sunny and 85 all the time, you don’t want to bulk up on blankets. If its going to be snowing and cold 80% of your time there, bring more blankets or get a very cozy comforter and material that will hold heat better, like flannel.

  • Comforter- I thought I had bought a twin comforter but it ended up being a queen, so I could have totally brought my blanket from home. I love being wrapped up so I was okay with the extra blanketness!
  • Sheets. Heres a 5 piece bed set from Amazon
  • Pillows (sleeping and maybe decorative, 1 or 2)
  • Pillowcases
  • Bed topper- Super important if you want to save your back and actually sleep well! Get a 1 inch mattress topper, preferably memory foam. Anything over 1 inch is even better! This will help your quality of sleep and comfort so much because some beds are old or indestructible. These are not synonymous with comfort. Trust me on this one. Here is Amazons choice for a bed topper
  • Small fluffy/fuzzy rug to make your small space a bit more homey and comfy. Sheepskin rug from Amazon
  • Bed risers- Sold at Walmart for pretty cheap. most complexes wont let you take cinderblocks in to raise your bed. Helps with increasing storage room. Round hole bed risers found here
  • Underbed storage- If you choose to put your bed on risers you’ll have more room to store things. May have to buy after you raise your bed to see what will fit. May be a cloth zip up box or plastic bins. Varies according to storage space available under your bed! Best Seller on Amazon right here
  • Wax warmer and/or essential oil diffuser- I love the sound of the diffuser at night and usually they change colors which is super relaxing at night! Wax warmers are also super fun and are perfect to get the right vibe and feel in your personal space!

Now lets talk about your closet!

Closet space is going to be extremely different everywhere! The main thing I would rely on though is that there will probably be few to no drawers space. Mostly hanging and shelves. To me, that means little privacy if you are sharing a room! So here are a few tips:


  • Plastic three drawer organizer- very prominent at Target and Walmart. Some are extra wide and low, some are tall and skinny. Lots of options for your space. Buy when you get to your apartment. Easy to store undies, bras, socks, and more personal clothing and care items. Buy more than one too!
  • Thin plastic hangers- You want to utilize your hanging space as much as possible, so the thinner the hanger, the more clothing you can cram on the rack! Hangers with plastic nubs on the shoulders or velvet hangers work well to not have clothing slip off. TJ Maxx, Ross are the best place Ive seen for selection of thin hangers. Find velvet hangers here
  • Shoe storage- Find a place to put your shoes! In such a small place that you share it will get messy! No one wants your shoes by the door either, so they have to go in your small room. Find hanging shoe storage for your door or get a rack that will fit in on the floor somewhere.
  • Laundry hamper- make it multipurpose for a hamper and a carrier to the laundry room and back. And durable. Mine fell apart in 3 weeks. Lame. Heres a plastic collapsible basket and here is a cute fabric one that will both work perfectly!
  • Jewelry organizer
  • Duffel bag- for packing, easily collapsable and wont take up space afterward.

Kitchen and cooking packing…. This one is difficult.

Let me say this first. You don’t need as much as you think you do when it comes to packing your cooking items! And you don’t need to buy it all brand new either. Or all of it before you leave even, because you can acquire more items as you advance as a single student cooking for yourself. I bought a lot of things new to go to school and i regret some of that. Some things i thrifted too, and i was super happy with that! One thing to remember is that your items will be in a community living area of the kitchen, so if you don’t want your things to get snagged, don’t bring quality items and don’t bring items that look like what everyone else has. If you thrift items, you can easily customize them without fear of ruining a more expensive item. Let me show you what I did…


  • Cutlery- I thrifted some cute forks, knives, and spoons and then personalized them by spray painting the ends of each of the handles with colors I liked, and finished with a clear coat. I had unique cutlery that I liked and no one would get it mixed up with mine!
  • Rice cooker- super easy and convenient. Rice is cheap too when you’re a college student on a budget.
  • Mini Crockpot/Slow cooker- I LOVED my slow cooker! I would throw in some frozen chicken breasts and broth and come home a few hours later to a nice little home cooked meal! It was seriously so easy. Since the pot was smaller, it made it easy to not cook too much food for one person, it had just the right portions for a meal and some leftovers. Little prep for very yummy food. Heres a cute small one
  • One good sized pot- You really don’t need more than 1 medium-large pot
  • One multipurpose pan- a pan with high sides makes for a small pot and large pan. Still make pancakes but still warm up some sauce if needed!
  • Strainer/Colander- you’ll be eatin’ a lotta pasta honey!
  • One large measuring cup- a Pyrex measuring cup that holds two or three cups total with markings.It cuts down on space as opposed to stacking cups.
  • 4 Corelle plates- These are very common at the thrift store! I happened to get mine at Walmart because my mom told me to get them because they are very durable, perfect for a mobile and not gentle college life.
  • Cups-find cute ones at the thrift store or wait to acquire some at school
  • Small plastic cutting board- sanitary no matter what you are cutting and requires no care. OXO is a good brand and has a great one here
  • One or two good cutting knives- 1 big, one small. One smooth, one serrated. Here is a super bright and colorful set
  • Dish towels- find a unique pattern you like. TJ Maxx or Ross are a good choice to pick from. “What the fork is for dinner” towel set!
Single black non stick pot
Still hvae the same Walmart pot that I had while on campus. used it for everything while cooking! Hot chocolate, pasta, sauce, rice pudding, ramen noodles, soup…. All of it!

Now for some study and desk tips.


  • Printer- I hated using school printing and I had my own printer. Best thing ever. Heres the same one I took to school with me
  • Favorite pens and pencils- Don’t go for cheap exactly here, find what you like and buy it. You’ll be writing a lot so its okay!
  • 3 hole punch
  • 5 subject notebook- I started using these because each class doesn’t need a separate notebook and I took less notes than I thought I would. I took about 4 or 5 classes too so it worked out.
  • Laptop
  • Laptop case- snap on case for Mac AND a soft sleeve for transport in your backpack! If you have a PC a soft sleeve will do great. It will extend the life of your laptop a long time. Heres the same one I have on my computer now.
  • Bluetooth mouse for laptop
  • Sheet protectors
  • Nice resume paper- if you plan on applying for jobs.
  • printer paper
  • college ruled notebook paper
  • tape
  • stapler
  • blue tacky gum- hanging up pictures in your dorm
  • white toothpaste- fill in holes in your walls left from tack holes
  • 2nd computer monitor- if you’re using excel or Photoshop or any big, in depth programs, you can hook up your laptop to it for more monitor space.
  • Desk top lamp- preferably with different light settings for different times of day while studying.
  • Noise cancelling headphones- drown out noise from roomies and rock out 🙂 Amazon has great inexpensive options, they don’t NEED to be Beats!


Jansport backpacks last forever!
Ive had this backpack since sophomore year of highschool (2011) so over seven years! Its gone all around the world with me and still works perfectly. Absolutely no holes or rips or anything. Could probably need a good hose down and wash but its good to go!

Thats all I have to say about that. Don’t want it falling apart and don’t want to have to buy another bag while out there and you don’t have much money. Jansport with a leather bottom was the best for me. Amazon has a lot of amazing options too. Heres the Jansport options


If you are taking a car to school, how exciting!! Not everyone gets to do that so that is amazing! Heres a few things that are a must to have in your car/for your car.

  • JUMPER CABLES- put them in your car NOW!! Your car will die at the most unexpected time and someone else may not have them. Buy some now and put them in the car trunk.
  • Car air freshener. Buy a few trees from Walmart or get a small container that fits in a cupholder, poke some hole sin the lid and place a few wax melts on the inside. When the car warms up it will melt the wax and your car will be smelling wonderful!
  • Outdoor blanket- might want to go for a picnic or sit outside and it good to have if you have to stay in your car for whatever reason.
  • Extra water and snacks- if you go on a little trip and are stuck in traffic, you’ll have some backup supplies!
  • Extra charging cable for phone- cable and cigarette lighter insert.
  • Flashlight
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Extra things you forget all the time! Personal for you- me, I have lotion, chapstick, mints, pads and tampons, car charger, pen, sunglasses. Just some ideas.

Along with all these practical packing ideas, Id also encourage you to find a couple items that are YOU to take with you that can help you have fun, be a conversation starter, and help you make friends. For example, I brought a volleyball, a longboard, and a horse head mask to college so I could have fun with others, have some me time, and have a funny thing to talk about and mess around with, with my roomies and friends. Don’t forget to be yourself at school and also create yourself to be who you want to be!

There! Thats the list! As I said before, this is a list for things you might not think about when packing up for school. It’s not a complete comprehensive list, but it will get you going and give you some tips on where to start! Keep in mind your climate and your amenities included in your living situation and try to keep it minimal and frugal. Have a great time at college and make the most of it!

Please comment any other suggestions you may have from your own experience or anything major that you think was left out of this article. I would love to make sure its all on here! Share this post with a friend or family member who is going away to school, or a parent thats helping pack a kid up! Thanks for reading!



Why I Deleted My Wedding Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Women and girls have been pinning ideas about parties and yummy food and Fitspo and ESPECIALLY about their dream wedding.  All aspects are pinned meticulously to boards for wedding dresses, engagement rings, bridesmaid dresses, color schemes, table arrangements, floral pieces… the list goes on. I started my Pinterest account when I was a young teen and have found it to be very useful to plan big dances for the youth of my local church and for my outfit ideas. I loved to fantasize about what my wedding dress would look like and how in love I would be on my wedding day. Pin after pin would be posted as I hoped for the future. 

Now, I am a married woman of 2 and a half months and I have deleted those boards about weddings. Why? You may ask? Let me tell you. I believe that marriages are meant to last forever. Its not a temporary union. And I decided that I didn’t want to have any regrets about my decision to marry my husband. I don’t want to be longing for a different dress. I don’t want to be wishing that our special day was better. I know it’s not about material things. Our relationship is about us and our support for each other and our love. But I also know that wanting something better can change your view of the past. I don’t want consumerism and THINGS to change or taint how I feel about the day I committed to love my husband forever. I absolutely love my wedding dress. Its totally me and it took some arm twisting to get the dress. I feel like a true princess when I wear it. The rest of the details of our wedding just fell in place. We chose our colors based on the invitations we sent out because we loved the combination. My wonderful aunt and cousin found the perfect bridesmaid dresses a couple days after I officially started looking for them. They were summery and inexpensive and adorable! Our wedding and reception fell into place and I really had minimal help from Pinterest, a lot less than I thought I would have. So that leads me to my decision now. I deleted my Pinterest boards about wedding dresses, rings, bridesmaids, table settings, and color schemes. I decided to stop fantasizing now about what could have been on that wonderful day and I decided to bask in the glory of our holy union and what actually happened because it was the best thing I have ever done. Our day was perfect just as it happened! I won’t have any doubts or wishes for something different. I am grateful for our wedding day, I am grateful for my husband, grateful for my family that made it possible, grateful for our happiness together now. I don’t want anyone or anything to take that away from us. 

Thank you SpiceRack Photography for such beautiful wedding photos!

Week 10, Day 7

Slow start to Sunday but it was great day in church. I went to the wrong Relief Society but then texted my roomie to clarify. I don’t like going to the other one, I get a weird vibe and everyone thinks I’m new! Nope, just in the wrong class…  Class was great and we talked about the Christ and how He is unchanging in His divine nature and His purpose here on Earth. It was a great lesson and I felt really moved by it. Went to Sunday school and that was a great reminder that I need to be better at no judging people unrighteously. I have a habit of automatically thinking the worst of people or judging hem when they are annoying or are different than me in the way that they have a bigger louder personality than myself. I cant stand people who need lots of attention and this was a reminder that I need to have better thoughts and keep my mouth shut. Sacrament was alright and then I went home and put away my clothes that have been piled on the floor for a few days now. I hate folding clothes. It just doesn’t get done. But this time it did and I rewarded myself with a little nappy nap and watching the Croods on Netflix. Then Mitchell came over and we had dinner and then went to ward prayer and enjoyed some desserts. We watched Maleficent, my first time, and I love it! I would totally buy it, I love Sleeping Beauty so this was great. Now I’m just typing it up and catching up on my journal entries 🙂

Week 10, Day 1

Monday, got nothing going on! I scheduled an appointment to talk with my bishop tomorrow about starting my mission papers so that’s cool. Really, not much happened today. I went to class and in Visual Media we talked about CSS in website programming. That’s was something new I learned and I think its cool I can add that to my little list of skills. Its very rudimentary knowledge but more than most people know.  My apartment complex was supposed to have an “appreciation” night at Fat Cats, so Mitchell and I went to go check it out about half an hour after it started. We mainly went for the free pizza BUT THERE WAS NONE. So that was a bust! Everyone was at the apartment watching the dumb Bachelor. It was a party for the three hour finale, so Mitch and I mooched off their treats and pizza. Who cares about the Bachelor, I got cookies!

Week 8, Day 7

Sunday Funday! I got up early to go to Regional Conference. I looked SUPER cute today. i even curled my hair and schtuff 🙂 I picked up Mitchell early so we could actually get a parking spot and a good seat inside. It worked out and we got a close parking spot, it was awesome! When we went inside, we saved a row of 10 and only 5 people ended up sitting in it. For the first half of the conference, I was crocheting. It went quick and I finished the ball of yarn on a circular rug I am working on. The second half I listened a little bit but ended up drifting off while I had my head on Mitchell’s shoulder. Afterward I dropped him off, went home had some rice for lunch and hit the hay! I took a nice little nap after I read some articles from this last months Ensign. I read one about being a young adult and making these years count. It was a good kick in the pants to get my crap together and get busy serving others and making use of all my free time. But first I have to make time to do my laundry… I know that I had the feeling to read the Ensign on purpose. There was a little section in there about growing up and starting to make my own decisions and it was something I needed to hear. It was definitely an answer to a prayer that has been in my heart. I am grateful I could get some guidance today from conference and from the Ensign magazine. After my nap, Mitchell came over and we made a nice lunch. I made some potato chip-like things. I cut up potatoes in thin slices and baked them with garlic salt then put cheese on them after. They turned out well, surprisingly! After our lunch we watched Emperors New Groove and made some brownies! That was fun and later I Skyped with Mitchell’s family. That was fun, hearing their stories and fun stuff from their week. Later, at 11:30 we went back to my apartment and picked up some of my roomies and we went to McMidnight. McMidnight is a crazy anomaly that only happens in Rexburg. All the college kids go out after 12 t McD’s and it is packed! We only do this since it’s technically not the Sabbath anymore and we can buy food “legally”. It was fun and we had a good time. Everyone was vicious in trying to get a table! We had to box some people out and be aggressive to sit down at a booth, but we made it happen! Fun Sunday night 🙂

Week 6, Day 7

Music speaks for the soul
Music speaks for the soul

Sunday has been a great relaxing day. I went to church and we talked about seeing miracles happen in our lives and also talked about the importance of visiting teaching. I know I haven’t been the best with visiting teaching but I want to be this semester! When I got home, I listened to LDS hymns and other uplifting music. I did this while folding laundry and doing little things around the apartment. It was really peaceful. It’s amazing what music can do for you. The right kind of music can totally calm your nerves and slow down your day. That’s what Sunday was. I felt like I was closer to God throughout the day and I kept my focus on the Savior more as I listened to uplifting, spirtually based music. Usually my normal jam is EDM, Indie dance, or Classic Rock. Sunday would have been a lot different if I had been listening to those genres. I love music. I don’t know who doesn’t, but it definitely has power and I’m glad I could use that to my advantage on Sunday

Week 3, Day 7

Great day of communication. Went to church and only fell asleep a little. Got some great messages that are helping me to be better. I have come to love sacrament meeting a lot more than before. When I actually out thought into it, it becomes so much more meaningful and I have a spiritual experience. Today was one of those days. I also said many long needed prayers. I have also come to love praying for others. I want to help others and I always pray that my friends and family will be blessed in ways that they need and that they can find peace in their busy lives. I feel like it opens my heart up to those individuals and it also makes me be a better friend and listener for them in the future. When I am listening for certain things that are bugging them or that they are excited about, it helps me remember what I should say in my prayers for them. It helps me remember the little things in general, that they may not have thought I had caught. I know God hears me and this process improves my communication both with my Heavenly Father and with those close to me. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on communication, whether it applies to family, strangers, boys, friends, or to God, it’s always important to be open to communicate and to express what you have to say . I love keeping in contact with my God through prayer and seeing the relationship grow. I hope you can find the same thing too 🙂