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Week 3, Day 2

Yesterday I talked to my mom on the phone, sat down and had a good talk with my friend, texted people, and posted a few things online. In today’s age we are always communicating as facilitated by technology and our personal devices. My favorite communication yesterday was when I got to know a new friend a little bit better. I spent time with a friend of my cousins, (now my friend also). He had messaged me on Facebook and I gave him my number so we could meet up. It was kind of a cute little daytime date. It’s always interesting to see how people change or stay the same after you meet them for the first time. I was excited too see how our first one-on-one would be, hoping it wouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable. I was glad to find that he was still cool after a few days and that I could still be myself! I’ve talked about it before, but when I can instantly be just me, it basically means automatic friendship! So our communication went well and I can tell it will lead to a good future friendship!


Journal 3

Third day of school down! I had a great day at school today. Still not a lot of homework, but we are moving along in class. I am starting to get nervous for how big my workload will be this semester. I have a few challenging, demanding classes and I hope I can handle it. I like all the classes! It has warmed up today and yesterday which is nice, made walking from the top of the hill not as bad! I feel like i have started a good connection with two girls in my Interpersonal class. I met them on the first day of class and talked with them and the second day as well. It may not be much but we are already talking with ease and friendly. I don’t know why I find this exceptional. Maybe because when I meet people in classes, the first day they smile and talk and then the next they sit somewhere else in the classroom and pretend like we never talked before and look like they don’t want to be bothered. I try not to be that way but its also hard for me to reach out to others and make the first interaction so it’s understandable. I’ve also seen that a few people are in many of my classes. I need to talk to them ASAP! Those are the people that turn into either good friends or good acquaintances. Anyway, those are my communication observations for the day!