Week 1 Class Notes

Today was the first day of class in Comm 100! Honestly, I was really intimidated and nervous but it turned out to be good. Most of what we learned today was what the class is about and what is to be expected. Not too much demanded from the class and it’s only once a week. The main thing I learned from this week was how to use WordPress as it is required for many of my classes and this one as well. This is where we will be posting all our work. It was difficult trying to create and organize categories but I figured it out. Excited to see what this class will bring.

Week 4, Day 2

Great day for communication today! I coordinated lunch with a friend before my classes which was a nice unexpected perk for Tuesday. Next, I attended the weekly devotional featuring Elder Nelson. He had a great talk for the students and he wrapped up really quick. The reason he did so was because he announced the new President of BYU-Idaho to come April! This was not expected! We’re glad to have Brother Clark Gilbert take the reins in the coming spring semester. Overall, I experienced many effective instances of communication today.

Website of the Week #1

The following website is a great page describing the different uses possible of using a QR  code in your professional profiles. This is very important for Communications majors because it shows that you are up to date with today’s technology and the options that go along. Adding a QR code makes you different and noteworthy. Comm majors should consider integrating these quick, eye catching boxes so that more information can be incuded onto a resume or advertisement.

Thought for the Day:  “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success before they gave up.”     ~ Thomas Edison ~
I think this thought can apply to the above website suggestion and to many other things in life as well. You don’t know how close you are and this little QR code can tip you over the edge! Just give it a try and see how it goes. Stay inspired friends!

Journal 2

Communication status today- very low! I had one class today and I went to it and got back home very quickly. I did talk to the guy I sat next to in that class. We had a good conversation and joked a little bit. That is my favorite, when I meet someone and soon after we are already laughing and being funny. I love to laugh and entertain others so I find that a very important quality when finding friends. I want to make more friends in this fashion but I am usually too shy to be my true goofy self when I first meet people. This is my goal for making friends in the next few weeks as I transition into new classes with new people and faces. I hope this goal will transfer into becoming a normal habit as I meet people throughout my life.

Journal 1 First day of the Semester

Today was a great day for communication! Everyone was getting to know each other in all our new classes. It was my first day back in school for Winter semester at BYU-Idaho and I was a lot more at ease than I was for my first day ever of college. I interacted with some students in my classes, just getting to know new people. I talked to one guy in my Writing for Comm class and he told me how he liked to watch indie films, any films actually, and that he was into making films also and that he wanted to major in doing that. He told me where he was from and a few other cool facts about himself. I thought this was an interesting interaction for the day just because this person was so different than me and that I got to learn something about them that was important to them. It was cool hearing about the most recent movie he watched, called “Blue Ruin” and how it was about a revenge triangle and had some “dry” undramatized violence in it. Overall it was great getting to know a little more about this person I had just met! There’s my most noteworthy observation of communication for the day.