Week 6 Class Notes

This weeks topic: Public Relations. PR has never even crossed my mind. Until class today. It is a very interesting and all encompassing career path. It requires a lot of writing, relational maintenance, event planning, and education of others within and outside the company. PR is for maintaining and improving the image of the company… Continue reading Week 6 Class Notes


Week 4 Class Notes

This weeks Comm 100 topic was Video Production. It was cool! I am not particularly interested in film and all that goes along with it but this introduction made it seem awesome! All the video clips they showed were amazing and they just made it seem like it was so easy, but I know they… Continue reading Week 4 Class Notes

Week 9, Day 1

Back to the daily grind! Monday wasn't so bad. Usually Monday hits me like a train and I am not expecting the rush or the homework that I forgot about and everything else that goes along with Monday. But that wasn't this week! I finished some homework up, a quick paper, I cleaned up my… Continue reading Week 9, Day 1