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Week 8, Day 5

Yay Friday! Not really… Creating and saving my cover pages on Photoshop for Interpersonal was a NIGHTMARE! I had fun making the collages and arranging them etc. in PS, BUT my computer was super slow! Most of my time was wasted waiting for the stupid thing to save the files to a PDF so that I could take them to the print shop. I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen before class. While I was waiting for the files to save, I went and “got ready” for the day. I am sad to admit that I am kind of a mess today. No makeup, no shower, no fashion whatsoever. It really could be worse, but I aint feelin’ fly today. I came back to the computer to check on the saved files and it was just taking forever! Finally they saved, i put them on a flash drive and went to AlphaGraphics. I made the guy print them twice on accident. It didn’t take too long for the whole process but I was slightly annoyed that I had made the process go longer. I wanted the pages to be double sided, different sides. He printed four pages at first and then I was going to make him laminate them but the pages would have shifted in the process. So he printed again and the pages were a clean double side with no lamination issues. Except that there is a really thick hair and a black speck laminated into the pages :/ Next I trimmed them and left quickly. I drove home to pick up a few school things and ran out the door. I was only 10 minutes late and waked in on the prayer, but no biggie… Turns out the teacher didn’t even want the pages today. She said to keep them so she wouldn’t ruin them in transit for grading and such. She asked “Who brought theirs today?” and everyone raised their hand. Wow, I could have gotten away with half finishing them. I’m glad I got them done though. They are finished and have no problems and I am good! The rest of class was about listening styles and barriers. Still trying to work on being a better listener, even though I feel like I haven’t had too many opportunities. Now I have the rest of the weekend to do some more homework! It just never ends…

Finished Works:

These are in no way professional at all! Just what I was working on. They’re cute and funny but they’re just for me haha

Cover Page 2PDF CoverPage 1 Inside Page2PDF InsidePage1PDF


Journal 5

Communication efforts for today were sub par. I had good intentions of talking to some good looking guys in class but it just didn’t happen! I noticed that one guy is in a couple of my classes. He is in my Book of Mormon class and my Interpersonal Theory class. I walked into Interpersonal Theory and Practice and he was already sitting down but then he acknowledged me and said “Hey are you in my Book of Mormon class?”, I said yes and that I was wondering the same thing and was going to ask him about it too. He beat me to it though. He said I could leave the room and walk back in and ‘ask him first’ so I quickly made my way out of the classroom and re-entered. I asked him the same question really over-enthusiastically. It was quite comical and helped me start my day off on a light happy note. I had been thinking the same thing the past few days but it was nice that he was so friendly about it! He had a huge smile on his face and seemed so excited. He appears to be a real genuine, kind, fun guy and I hope I get to know him better having two classes with him. This is an example of great communication with a stranger yet again. Glad I could have this mini experience and make a new friend.