Why I Deleted My Wedding Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Women and girls have been pinning ideas about parties and yummy food and Fitspo and ESPECIALLY about their dream wedding.  All aspects are pinned meticulously to boards for wedding dresses, engagement rings, bridesmaid dresses, color schemes, table arrangements, floral pieces... the list goes… Continue reading Why I Deleted My Wedding Pins on Pinterest


Week 6 Class Notes

This weeks topic: Public Relations. PR has never even crossed my mind. Until class today. It is a very interesting and all encompassing career path. It requires a lot of writing, relational maintenance, event planning, and education of others within and outside the company. PR is for maintaining and improving the image of the company… Continue reading Week 6 Class Notes

Week 6, Day 1

Had a cool Monday. Our stake went to Kelley Canyon for skiing, snowboarding, and hanging at the lodge. Most people went and had fun talking it up at the lodge. I brought my snowboard and gear. I was the only one from my apartment that went up the mountain. It was great, lift tickets were… Continue reading Week 6, Day 1