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Week 6 Class Notes

This weeks topic: Public Relations.

PR has never even crossed my mind. Until class today. It is a very interesting and all encompassing career path. It requires a lot of writing, relational maintenance, event planning, and education of others within and outside the company. PR is for maintaining and improving the image of the company and improving company-consumer relationships. The instructor speaking to us talked about how he worked for a mining company and how he had to tell the public what beneficial things they were doing for he town and for the environment. Most people have a negative mental image of mining operations but it was his job to portray the good of the company. This seems like such a demanding job but one that is so rewarding. I like how social this career appears and how connected you can be to outside sources. It seems like a very satisfying career and one I would want to become more familiar with and get some experience with. I was interested in finding more out about the PRSSA group and wondered if it would benefit me in a y way, being a Visual Media emphasis… Overall, seems like a solid career path.

Week 6, Day 1

Had a cool Monday. Our stake went to Kelley Canyon for skiing, snowboarding, and hanging at the lodge. Most people went and had fun talking it up at the lodge. I brought my snowboard and gear. I was the only one from my apartment that went up the mountain. It was great, lift tickets were only $10! And there weren’t too many people on the slope so it wasn’t perfect. It was a little icy, but I can’t complain! We had an odd way of getting to the resort. Google maps took us on a dirt road, and as a bunch of girls in a car, it was kind of creepy! We got to the parking lot and there was nowhere to park except one spot where two girls were standing to save a spot. The parking lot was so muddy and we didn’t want to park far away, so Jesse pulled up to the spot. The girl outside mouthed the words that they were saving the spot. Not a second after the girl said that, Jesse honked the horn and the girls flinched, and walked away annoyed that we had made them move. It was great! While I went and boarded, my roommates stayed in and talked to some guys that live in our complex that we had known for a little bit. They watched me through the window when I slid up to the lift. I’m really glad I made time to go! I had a lot of fun and got some good runs in for a good deal. We listened to throwback music, reminding us of middle school mainstream music, and we followed our guy friends out so we didn’t have to go down the creepy gravel road again. Lots of good effective communication, overall great Monday night FHE.

Week 2 Day 2

Communication for Monday was alright. Seems like my mental goals for improving my initial contact with people is not really coming along! I need to step up my game… I will say that I have been so blessed to be able to move into an apartment with a couple of my friends from last semester. We were already good friends from “Get Connected” fresh-meat orientation and from volleyball. We also had two new girls move in with us who turned out to be AWESOME! I cant even explain how much of an improvement this is from last semester. I feel so happy and content that I can be myself around these girls instead of hiding or being embarrassed in front of my less friendly and more odd roomies from before. We laugh and talk about all sorts of things and just have a good time together and its only been two weeks already. I know it will not always be this way and we will come across some low points but I don’t think it will surpass the bad times I have already experienced. I am grateful for normal, fun, loving, caring roommates and that I have the ability to effectively communicate with them and be on the same page! If you are in the same situation say a prayer of thanks tonight and don’t take it for granted! Happy adventures with you roomies/household occupants my friends!