Google Advertising

Learned a lot about using Google Adwords and creating advertisements to show on Google. Its such a. Simple thing to create but it is challenging to fit your whole company or product into 3 or 4 lines and make an impact on potential buyers! Every word has to be precise and clean and the phrases… Continue reading Google Advertising


Week 2 Journal 4

Communication is such an important act we do everyday. I think we forget how vital it is to share with the world our status. I don't mean by typing it in to Facebook or posting a cheesy pic on Instagram with a lame caption. I mean that when we communicate, when we BE, we are… Continue reading Week 2 Journal 4

Journal 5

Communication efforts for today were sub par. I had good intentions of talking to some good looking guys in class but it just didn't happen! I noticed that one guy is in a couple of my classes. He is in my Book of Mormon class and my Interpersonal Theory class. I walked into Interpersonal Theory… Continue reading Journal 5

Dance Showcase Poster

Here is the first advertisement I was able to have published. I won a contest among the many graphic design classes in high school, so my work was plastered all over the place at school, online, and in the community to advertise this dance production. The show is kind of a big deal in he… Continue reading Dance Showcase Poster

Journal 1 First day of the Semester

Today was a great day for communication! Everyone was getting to know each other in all our new classes. It was my first day back in school for Winter semester at BYU-Idaho and I was a lot more at ease than I was for my first day ever of college. I interacted with some students… Continue reading Journal 1 First day of the Semester