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Google Advertising

Learned a lot about using Google Adwords and creating advertisements to show on Google. Its such a. Simple thing to create but it is challenging to fit your whole company or product into 3 or 4 lines and make an impact on potential buyers! Every word has to be precise and clean and the phrases have to flow. Your condensed message really has to grab attention but also reflect what you are selling well enough for people to stay interested. Starting out, I found it the most easy to grab attention with a sale headline of 15% off. I couldn’t think of much else and I feel like people wouldn’t be interested in my new site unless I had something to offer and differentiate from already established sites and companies. As I publish more ads I will see what works and what doesn’t. It was cool to experiment with this important part of running an online business. 


Week 2 Journal 4

Communication is such an important act we do everyday. I think we forget how vital it is to share with the world our status. I don’t mean by typing it in to Facebook or posting a cheesy pic on Instagram with a lame caption. I mean that when we communicate, when we BE, we are sending a message. I forget this sometimes. I think of all the times I go into my room just to be alone and get some quiet time and how it may come across that I am annoyed to my roommates. I feel like I am an odd animal. When I am with my good friends and feeling social I am totally outgoing and loud and friendly and I feel like “me”, but in any situation other than that, I feel I am introverted and need lots of time to myself and to think and have my space. i don’t think I fit into either category but if I had to choose one it would probably be introvert. I’ve come to terms with this more recently as I have been on my own at school, a time when my close friends become an important choice because they’re sort of like my pseudofamily. Its important to tell those important people the things they need to hear like “I appreciate you” and that’s one thing I need to work on with my developing pseudofamily here at school. I’m happy for the experience I have to grow socially all on my own and I’m starting to strive to make a better effort to have quality relationships.

Journal 7

Today has been an odd day for communication! I invited a friend over after church. Plainly said “Do you want to come over once you change out of your church clothes” He then proceeded to reply with a very male response. “Like for dinner?” -Sure I GUESS i can make you dinner if you invite yourself on over! It was odd but I got to work and made some delicious alfredo. He texts me back later and says sorry can’t come. *What! Who denies food made by a beautiful girl?!* I proceed to give him a piece of my mind with the input of my roommates help. I tell him to get over to my apartment because I made alfredo fettuccine and that it was rude of him to bail on dinner for a movie party. I was embarrassed to realize I had made a food my friend is allergic to along with the fact that he thought it was a joke about the food, that there actually wasn’t any food. All this jumbled communication just brought a real downer on my Sunday afternoon! He came over to say hi anyway and now I have a bunch of awesome leftovers. Communication is important and cant always be done correctly or effectively over text! No matter how well you think you know the person… All is well though and we’re both good πŸ™‚

Journal 5

Communication efforts for today were sub par. I had good intentions of talking to some good looking guys in class but it just didn’t happen! I noticed that one guy is in a couple of my classes. He is in my Book of Mormon class and my Interpersonal Theory class. I walked into Interpersonal Theory and Practice and he was already sitting down but then he acknowledged me and said “Hey are you in my Book of Mormon class?”, I said yes and that I was wondering the same thing and was going to ask him about it too. He beat me to it though. He said I could leave the room and walk back in and ‘ask him first’ so I quickly made my way out of the classroom and re-entered. I asked him the same question really over-enthusiastically. It was quite comical and helped me start my day off on a light happy note. I had been thinking the same thing the past few days but it was nice that he was so friendly about it! He had a huge smile on his face and seemed so excited. He appears to be a real genuine, kind, fun guy and I hope I get to know him better having two classes with him. This is an example of great communication with a stranger yet again. Glad I could have this mini experience and make a new friend.

Dance Showcase Poster

Here is the first advertisement I was able to have published. I won a contest among the many graphic design classes in high school, so my work was plastered all over the place at school, online, and in the community to advertise this dance production. The show is kind of a big deal in he Rocklin area. There are two high schools that are highly competitive in sports, including dance. Both schools have nationally recognized teams and many girls in high school are highly involved in dance instruction. I think that that area had an exceptionally high volume of dance participants, so it was cool that my poster was selected to represent our schools production. It was also interesting because the highest level dance team from the opposing nearby school also participated in our schools presentation as well, so it was a piece that tied two rival schools together. I’m really proud of this piece because when I first started conjuring up ideas for what the poster should look like, I was just messing around and playing with fun ideas. The fun idea seemed to work and when my instructor saw it, she immediately saw that it was above the others. Not to toot my own horn but it looked pretty awesome compared to the other creations. I was surprised to find that my fun idea was now posted on every blank wall around the campus and it was a different feeling that i liked being able to say “Hey, I made that!” when others commented on the poster. Overall, it was an interesting building experience!

Journal 1 First day of the Semester

Today was a great day for communication! Everyone was getting to know each other in all our new classes. It was my first day back in school for Winter semester at BYU-Idaho and I was a lot more at ease than I was for my first day ever of college. I interacted with some students in my classes, just getting to know new people. I talked to one guy in my Writing for Comm class and he told me how he liked to watch indie films, any films actually, and that he was into making films also and that he wanted to major in doing that. He told me where he was from and a few other cool facts about himself. I thought this was an interesting interaction for the day just because this person was so different than me and that I got to learn something about them that was important to them. It was cool hearing about the most recent movie he watched, called “Blue Ruin” and how it was about a revenge triangle and had some “dry” undramatized violence in it. Overall it was great getting to know a little more about this person I had just met! There’s my most noteworthy observation of communication for the day.