Hey friends! A little about me… I’m Makenzi, attending BYU- Idaho in my second semester of college. I am LDS and from Northern California. I love having fun outdoors! On Labor day I can be found kayaking in the Sierras, over Thanksgiving and Christmas break you’ll see me post a few pics from the desert where I ride dirt bikes with my family! A few other random facts about me are that I love chocolate milk, I love making fun crafts, and I am not the best cook but I like trying. I absolutely enjoy volleyball whenever and wherever I can play it with semi-experienced people too. My favorite places to travel are Costa Rica and Mexico. My music preferences are all over the place as well.

Why did I start this WordPress? First, it is a requirement for many of my classes, but I am hoping to utilize it further than just posting work to be checked off. I hope to share my thoughts and views and some snapshots from my world. Hopefully it affects you readers positively somehow!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my work and insights. Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “About

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