A few fun facts about me!

Name: Makenzi

Blogger Level- Advanced Amateur

Education- Associates from Brigham Young University-Idaho and more to follow

Current Job- Cashier at a furniture store

Dream Job- Online entrepreneur!

Likes- Gourmet Soda, Chewing Gum, Long romantic drives to Taco Bell

Loves- My husband Mitchell! Everything makeup related! And being with my family โค

Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I originally created this blog as a requirement for school but I have been utilizing it for more than that. I love sharing whats going on in my life, things that I fall in love with, and a variety of other topics! You will see me post about school topics on here, but every once in awhile there’s a gem to read ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t be afraid to reach out, comment, like, or anything! Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick around!




3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi! You’ve got a very interesting blog and it seems like you do a lot of fun things! Really like your writing style! You got another follower!

    If you want, I would love to have you check out my blog at whatiliketodobysteve.wordpress.com



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