Week 9, Day 2

It was soo hard to get out of bed today! I don't know what it is but I am conscious but not functioning and cannot wake up and roll out. That was my struggle today. It went a lot like yesterday. Got some homework done and folded my laundry. Had breakfast and took a shower… Continue reading Week 9, Day 2


Week 5, Day 3

Wednesday got better! Not much to say for communication except I've probably called my mom like 50 times this whole week... The weather has been awesome these past few days as well! Snow and ice is melting, it's great. But that probably means snowmegadon is looming, oh no! When it starts to dump snow again… Continue reading Week 5, Day 3

Week 5, Day 1

Monday. Terrible day. Probably worst one of my college experience so far. I woke up and knew I had lots to do and I told myself it would be a good, productive day. It was productive but also included an almost-meltdown and an actual one. I had a test in my Computer Science class and… Continue reading Week 5, Day 1