The Craziest Baking Mold?!

I have to preface this post with a funny story from the other day. It's a Sunday morning. The light is coming in through the window and its a serene morning. I hear my husband in the other room, probably in the kitchen making breakfast already. I pick up my phone and scroll through it.… Continue reading The Craziest Baking Mold?!


Why I Deleted My Wedding Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Women and girls have been pinning ideas about parties and yummy food and Fitspo and ESPECIALLY about their dream wedding.  All aspects are pinned meticulously to boards for wedding dresses, engagement rings, bridesmaid dresses, color schemes, table arrangements, floral pieces... the list goes… Continue reading Why I Deleted My Wedding Pins on Pinterest

Making Your Business Social Media Friendly

SOCIAL MEDIA IS EVERYTHING. How else do you expect to be found and to grow? I think it is absolutely vital to have social media connections from your products site to your social media. If people find your site and want to see more they will got o your social media. If someone finds you… Continue reading Making Your Business Social Media Friendly