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Week 9, Day 2

It was soo hard to get out of bed today! I don’t know what it is but I am conscious but not functioning and cannot wake up and roll out. That was my struggle today. It went a lot like yesterday. Got some homework done and folded my laundry. Had breakfast and took a shower then got ready for the day. It snowed about 3-4 inches last night unexpectedly so that really changed my outfit options. When I finally figured out my outfit, I made a sandwich and headed down for lunch with Mitch. We had lunch and goofed around, and then I went to Book of Mormon class. While listening absently to my weird teacher, I worked on my crochet project. I am making a circular rug. It goes black, pink, grey/white combo, green and later I’ll finish it with grey again. Working on the green right now. I mad progress in class but didn’t want the teacher to call on me while I was working on it. I put the crochet down for a little bit but then I started falling asleep so I picked it back up again. After class was devo with Mitch and half listened to Bro. Winkel. Worked on the crochet a little there too. I had another appointment at the Academic Discovery Center again today so I went to that after devo. This time I only needed to add a few electives and she approved it on the spot! Hallelujah! But I didn’t have my card to sign off for Comm 100 so I’ll do that tomorrow. I trekked on home and suddenly got caught up in a Mary Kay facial party with my roomies. The girl who came over for it was so cute and so sincere. She didn’t shove it down our throats too much and she was just nice and bubbly/ I may buy a few things form her but not this week… I made a little dinner snack thing for Mitchell, he stopped by for a quick food break before he had to go finish some other things. Didn’t see him for too long but that’s okay 🙂 I talked to my mom on the phone as I started my HTML activity for Visual Media. i thought I was done with coding but here I am learning yet another language of coding! It wasn’t too bad and went quick so that was good. Now here I am, sitting on my bed, listening to Classic Rock Love Songs on Pandora, blogging about my day for those who care to know! Anyway, I am blessed to have it easy this semester and I am blessed to have wonderful family, friends, and an awesome boyfriend 🙂


Week 8, Day 1

New week, new ambition! Not really though… I have felt somewhat productive so far, but I still feel all my assignments and tests building up. I feel as though it will all fall out for the end of the week and I will not be prepared or I won’t have enough time. I am trying to balance it all and also decide if I should withdraw or not from my Computer Science class. I do not need the class whatsoever for my major or career progression but I also do not want  a bad grade to pull down my GPA or hinder me from doing my very best in the classes that do matter. I’m trying to look at it from a “good, better, best” perspective and so far its looking like I should drop the class. I hate being a failure or a quitter but I also want to do well in other aspects that are more important to me. I hate that I will drop this class then look back on it like I could have done better but at this point I feel hopeless. I hope I can make the right decision…That’s enough for my current internal struggle…

Today we talked briefly about becoming good listeners. I feel like I am a good listener, especially when a friend comes to me to talk about something important. I try to see their situation and perspective, and try to figure out what hey are feeling or thinking by what they are telling me. I am trying to apply this principle to feeling the guidance of the Spirit. I am trying to define what “in tune” means for me personally and what it “sounds” like.

Week 7, Day 3

Wednesday. Busiest day ever! I was going going all day from 9am-11pm. Another communication mishap with computer science. Another instance where I had an appointment but didn’t know about it until it was already happening. I went anyway and got some of the homework done with a few errors in the program. After that, I went to a meeting for the Creative Marketing Counsel. We are trying to get more people to participate and attend Competitive sports here at BYU-I. We are trying to communicate that even though we don’t have official sports like most schools, competitive sports is still COOL! Its difficult to do this since many students are so busy and already have the notion that BYU-I is lame for not having any official sports that interact with other colleges. After our meeting, Mitchell and I went to Subway real quick then headed to my friends apartment. She had invited me to come over with my roomies (I brought Mitchell instead) since she was doing some kind of presentation to help us gain financial control over our lives and become fit physically. I thought she had to o this for a class but it turned out to be for Isagenix. As soon as they started talking about the product and how the company works, I was turned off to the whole idea. I’ve talked with my dad about Ponzi scheme or towers. Isagenix is one of them. This kind of work will work for some people but it’s not for me! Anyway, I was glad to go and support my friend and possibly buy some products from her and think about the possibilities. After the presentation for Isagenix, we left and Mitchell went home to do homework and work out. I felt bad for keeping him so long for the presentation. I went home too, walked to the gym at the complex and had a good lift sesh. I called my dad and it was nice to talk to him about the Isagenix shindig. The day ended and I was exhausted! Showered, and crashed in bed…

Week 7, Day 2

Another great day! I made time for myself to go and workout and it went well. I went to devotional after my only class, Book of Mormon. Even though I didn’t get much out of it , I still felt uplifted and I had a feeling of spirituality. I  felt like I wanted to read my scriptures more and just try harder overall. After devo, I went home and took a  little break. I really wanted to avoid my homework and I didn’t really realize how much I actually had. While I was procrastinating, my roomies and I made our way over to this awesome Downeast Basics sale! We rummaged through the warehouse sale and I found a skirt, dress, and two shirts for only 17$. Score! After I had gone home from the warehouse sale madness, I got a call from my computer science tutor asking where I was for my appointment. I didn’t know I had an appointmnet! I rushed to get over to the Austin building with my computer and got there in a reasonable amount of time. I got a lot of stuff done in the appointment and another assignment for visual media after the appointment. It was 8:30 when I got home and I still had one more assignment to start. It was exhausting. Like I said before, I didn’t realize how much I had to do! I was glad that my tutor could contact me for my appointment. Technology is cool like that, it really helped me along. Communication is cool!

Week 6, Day 2

Tuesday. Good Day today as well. I am just. So happy that I’ve been having great days, that none have been as bad as Monday of last week. I’m not saying each day has been butterflies and rainbows, but I’ve had productive and enjoyable days. Today I had tutoring scheduled later in the day for computer science. I was late to took he appointment because my roommate and I were in Walmart for a LONG time. We bought some cute fish! They have their own bowl with pink rocks and they’re just adorable. Finally, I escaped Walmart, after checking out and NOT going through the doors with sensors (it kills the fish).  I went to tutoring and got a lot of work done, we’ve been looking at loops for programs. It’s a hard concept for me to wrap my head around because I am not a math genius and most of the loops have equations in some kind of abstract form other than real math equations. After tutoring, I realized I had to work on my photo shop project. I went to Maverick for a Monster (energy drink of choice) and also a cinnamon roll. That was dinner.  I started my project and it went by pretty quick, I was surprised! We’ve been working on layer masking. This new skill has been a huge addition to my personal skill toolbox! I’m excited to see what I can do with blended layers. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but there will be works to come that you can check out.

Week 5, Day 1

Monday. Terrible day. Probably worst one of my college experience so far. I woke up and knew I had lots to do and I told myself it would be a good, productive day. It was productive but also included an almost-meltdown and an actual one. I had a test in my Computer Science class and I thought I’d just breeze through it. I was almost done but the program wouldn’t compile because I had one missing element and I was so frustrated and concerned with getting a good grade to make up for my bad homework grades previously, that I almost cried in the computer lab during the test. I got most of the program finished and went to my next class then home before I went to more computer tutoring. I was not in the mood to be involved in my classes that day and when I got home I just let it all out and cried while on the phone with my mom. I am grateful for the option I have to be able to call my mom whenever. I’m even more grateful that she is so loving and understanding to help me cope with whatever I may be complaining to her about. I wasn’t exactly complaining but I was so afraid of failure that I was just freaked out. I’m glad I could communicate with my mom and express my concerns and fears so that she could console me and help me get through my terrible day. Afterwards I went to do laundry and felt better. My day got better when my friend offered to go make a snowman. We had fun rolling the snow around and searching for rocks and twigs to make the snowman’s face and hands. It was good to get my mind off of the project and the test from earlier and just have fun. I then went back home and had another friend graciously accept to help me with my computer project at 11:30 at night which we finished. it was a huge weight off my shoulders! I am so blessed to have friends that are willing to help me and also to have family that care so much for me. I was truly blessed to have a bad day turned around by the good people who surround me 🙂