Last Minute Gifts For Mom! Amazon Edition

I heart Mom

Mothers Day has always creeped up on me. I remember one Mothers Day when my sister and I realized it was the day and we had nothing planned and nothing bought for mom AT ALL. We put together the infamous "coupon book" that every youngster makes or is given to gift their parents that no… Continue reading Last Minute Gifts For Mom! Amazon Edition


Inspirational and (Actually) Helpful Resources for Starting a Instagram/Blog

Want to grow your Instagram or blog but don't know what else to do? Here are some (mostly) free resources to help you get up and get inspired!

Deconstruct a Sponsored Post on Social Media

Paid ads are everywhere on social media now. Today I wanted to go over some important points that make up a great sponsored post/paid ad on social media. Facebook and Instagram are two very popular platforms where advertisements are gaining popularity and effective exposure. Here is an ad I found on my Facebook page that… Continue reading Deconstruct a Sponsored Post on Social Media

Deconstruct a Video

Today I wanted to "deconstruct" a video to show how there is so much thought put into social media and online video content. The video I will be talking about is on this page by Womens Health. It is an article about the benefits of taking BCAA's as a supplement while training. The video is… Continue reading Deconstruct a Video