Week 4, Day 3

This past week has been hectic for me. I have fallen behind in my computer science class so I've been booked overtime for tutoring so that I can catch up. I like this class but it's challenging. I also have long days at school. Since I was not expecting to stay here for winter semester… Continue reading Week 4, Day 3


Week 3, Day 7

Great day of communication. Went to church and only fell asleep a little. Got some great messages that are helping me to be better. I have come to love sacrament meeting a lot more than before. When I actually out thought into it, it becomes so much more meaningful and I have a spiritual experience.… Continue reading Week 3, Day 7

Week 3, Day 4

I typed my last communication journal entry as I was waiting for an appointment I had with my visual media teacher. It was about our first project and I was very nervous! I had never used In design and didn't know how my design would look to a professional. I typed that I had been… Continue reading Week 3, Day 4