Week 12, Day 2

Day 2 of the week and Im still alive… Going good.

Woke up slowly but surely. Went to the gym and had an awesome workout! I walked/ran for 30 minutes then did some squats and arm workouts then went back to the treadmill for another 25 minutes. I wrote everything on the mirror with a whiteboard marker before I started so I had a goal in mind and something to achieve. I did just that and over the top. It felt good to work for more than an hour. I went back and got ready for the day. I thought I hasd to be somewhere at 11 but it turns out I was forgotten about. So when I arrived, the job was already done and I had hurried in the slushy snow to get there and I hadnt taken the time to go back and put boots on. my feet and pants were all frozen and wet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I had gone to school early for no reason. I hung around in the Crossroads with Mitchell while he ate his soup. After he was done we sat in the Skybridge and just talked. He walked me to class in the Taylor. He always runs into friends or mission buddies when we are in the Taylor. I went to class and it was sooo boring. I honestly fell asleep this time. I was awakened mid way when the teacher rolled up the projector screen. For some reason, in my cloudy and muddle half-asleep brain, I thought that the loud noise of the screen rolling up and hitting the bar was an Officer walking in and the teacher saying something loud for all of us to stand in respect for the officer… Good thing I didn’t stand up or anything haha it was just the screen but it took me back to my JROTC days in high school. I fell back asleep for the rest of class. Usually I don’t fall asleep for class so I was kind of embarrassed. ย I walked back home as fast as I could. I picked up my laundry from the laundry room and went inside. I changed real quick, got a slice of bread and an apple and got in the car. I picked up my friend Ana, got gas at Maverick and headed to Idaho Falls. Ana told me more about her guy stuff and school stuff and roomie problems while I drove. I finally got to my destination in IF. I arrived but couldn’t find the specific office for Mountain West Dermatology. I circled around the same parking lot for 5 minutes and ended up finding it right where I had entered the lot. I went in and the cheery aesthetician took my info and I went to the back room with her. I told her about all my past face issues and how my skin is so stubborn. I needed a face clean up and she got to work! It was painful but she got most of my problem areas and all of the major zits. I looked like a pink dotty blob afterward, but she did a good job for only 40$! It was amazing. I went to Target, Grand Teton Mall, and Bed Bath and Beyond with Ana. She was looking for Space bags so she could move before Spring semester. We finally found her bags and I sped home. After I got home, Mitchell and I went to Pizza Pie with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was pretty fun but I was already stuffed from a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a hot dog from Target. All i wanted to do was eat all the dessert pizza!!! That’s the only good reason to enter that establishment… Afterward, I went home and finished a homework thing, took Mitchell home and then went to bed. That was my eventful day ๐Ÿ™‚

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